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My bowl runneth over

How many college bowl games were played this year, and how many were played in 1950?   Continue reading


Where did Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Netown, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees go to college? [ Think CHAMP! ]  Continue reading

Super Bowl I

What two teams played in the first Super Bowl?  Continue reading


What NFL players hold the career records for touchdown passes thrown, rushing touchdowns, and touchdown receptions?   Continue reading

Two Families, Three Generations

What two families boast of three consecutive generations of NFL players? Continue reading

Passing Record

What is the NFL single season passing yardage record and who holds it? Continue reading

Halas and Ruth

George Halas, long time former coach of the Chicago Bears, and Babe Ruth were linked to each other in what way in 1919?   Continue reading