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Man in the Mirror: Woody Hayes

“When I look in the mirror in the morning, I want to take a swing at me!”

Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes

Former FSU football coach Bill Peterson

Coach’s Quotes: Patrick Henry, the famous Revolutionary War patriot, said to the British, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Former FSU football coach Bill Peterson was giving his team a half-time pep talk when he mis-quoted the famous hero by saying, “In the words of Patrick Henry, ‘Kill  me now or let me live!'”

Coach Reese to the Glazer Family

Memo to the Glazer family, owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Put the names of the defensive coordinators of the Giants, Patriots, Ravens and 49ers on speed dial and give the first guy to answer your head coaching job. What each of them did last weekend in advancing their respective teams to the conference finals this coming Sunday was truly outstanding.

Bob Hoying, Ohio State quarterback after winning a Big Ten title

“I am really happy for Coach Cooper and the guys who’ve been around here for six or seven years, especially our seniors.”

Men and Earrings

“Our coach treats us like men. He let’s us wear earrings.”  Torrin Polk, a former receiver at the University of Houston

Jacobs to Ryan

After the Giants’ victory over the loquacious Jets, running back Brandon Jacobs found  portly Jets coach Rex Ryan on the field and let fly, “Now shut your big mouth, Fat Boy!” Not exactly the oratorical eloquence of Roosevelt chiding Churchill, but Ryan brought it on himself by week-long sniping as to how his team was better.

John Ralston, former Denver Broncos coach

“I had to give up coaching because of illness and fatigue. The fans were sick of me and I was tired of them.”