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A Thousand Yards Passing

Green Bay beat Detroit, 45-41, and shared an NFL record 1,000 passing yards, even with Packer star Aaron Rodgers on the bench. Matthew Stafford found¬† Calvin “Megatron” Johnson for 244 of his 520 yards for the Lions

Third Down Conversions

The only NFL team with a better than fifty-percent third down conversion percentage is New Orleans (12-3) at 56.3. Well behind in second place is New England (12-3) at 45.6. That’s why the Saints have the highest number of plays run and the most points scored of any team in the NFL.

Getting to the Big Game

In its 45 year existence, only the Jaguars, Texans, Browns and Lions have not been to the Super Bowl and with just two weeks left in the season, 16 teams still have a shot at getting to the big game. That’s why the NFL has such rabid fans.

Moving Up (?)

Kansas fired coach Turner Gill because his team was 106th in total offense. To replace him, they hired Florida’s offensive guru Charlie Weis whose Gator offense was 102nd. You could call that moving up. I guess.

Brees and Unitas

Drew Brees is edging closer to Johnny Unitas’s fifty-year-old record of 47 straight games throwing at least one touchdown pass. ¬† He is at 39 and counting after Sunday’s 31-17 win over Detroit.

Third and One

On 3rd and 1, NFL teams are successful on 70% of attempts when running but only 58% when passing. Not until 3rd and longer do the conversion rates completely equalize. For example, for the 1,011 3rd and 7 situations reviewed in the past 8 years, running and passing were each successful 38% of the time.
(From Advanced NFL Stats)


How critical are turnovers? NFL teams having fewer turnovers have won 79% of all games played this season.