Books By Coach

 Stories and memories of his father, as transcribed and edited by his son Jim, Angles is a loving tribute to Tom Reese, Sr.
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Jim Reese shares memories and stories in My Life: So Far, So Good.  Enjoy his reflections from his days playing quarterback, tending bar at Fire Island, and serving as Mayor of his village.
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Flag football is being played by men and women, young and old, all over the United States. This book will show an easy way to formulate a winning team in a short period of time. Combining clear text and easily understood diagrams, it takes the mystery out of the game.  Applicable to school as well as recreational leagues, this book shows how a newly formed team can achieve success quickly  through time tested formulas.  Buy “How to Win at Flag Football” here.

Jim’s book reminisces about the times and people he has met in a sixty-year journey through sporting fields, locker rooms and lives ranging from his relationship with Vince Lombardi to an unheralded undersized halfback on a small Florida high school football team who was determined to play college football. Buy “Sports Old School” here.

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