Super Bowl Thoughts

Why would anybody pay today’s asking price of $4,500 for a seat to this year’s Super Bowl? I’ll take a back seat to none in my level of interest in football, which has supplanted baseball as America’s national pastime.

There are other choices. I could choose home lazy boy comfort with attendant kitchen facilities but a few feet away, toilets readily available with no waiting, never having to stand next to a group of total strangers becoming noticeably agitated at having chosen the wrong line.

Don’t think you’ll be amongst like minded compatriots, cheering in unison with fellow supporters. 80% of the seats go to deep pocketed corporate interests, writing off the costs by claiming they are growing the economy in entertaining fellow well-to-do jet setters. Look hard to find the season long Patriot and Eagle fans clustered at the game. They’ll be in blue or green.

Another alternative is a local watering hole serving up wings and what-not, twenty 65″ televisions at the ready, servers poised to meet your every need, and a Super Bowl lottery rewarding a local charity, with the opportunity to drive yourself or grab a Uber and be comfortably in your seat by kickoff.

Half-times are better spent by chatting quietly about the game with friends and considerably less time spent ogling over-the-top extravaganzas aimed at the 18-49 demographic, of which I gladly disclaimed membership decades ago.

Give me Paul McCartney or the recently retired Neil Diamond, somehow one last time, or Billy Joel, these three collectively twice the age of the NFL itself, and I’d watch every minute of the show.

Half time is thirty minutes long, twice that of regular season games. Players disdain locker rooms and being yelled at by coaches. Teams, especially those receiving second-half kickoffs, want to get on the field to get going. Instead they wait around while Vegas-type acts cavort like colts cornered in a corral, exiting only when the requisite fireworks smoke blurs the vision of whatever the hell they were doing in the first place, including wardrobe malfunctions.

Tony Romo should always do the Super Bowl. He is John Madden incarnate. If they combined, it would make the at-the-game stadium experience even less attractive. The informed, articulate, funny duo informing the home viewing audience provides a welcome diversion from the tiresome player and team demonstrations on the field below.

When watching the game, notice the workmen like efforts of the offensive lines. By clearing holes with powerful straight ahead blocking and astute positioning to protect their passers, they are the key to victory. The Eagles must stop the very effective Patriot screen passes.

In the Conference Championship game, the Jaguars had ninety-eight penalty yards to the Patriots’ ten. That’s ten penalty calls to one. In the entire regular season, the Jags averaged only one penalty more per game than the Pats. It is good the Super Bowl is being played at a neutral location.

9 responses to “Super Bowl Thoughts

  1. Come on, man, who are you picking? And why?

    • I am not a betting man but if I were to wager on this game, I’d go with Philadelphia because they survived the loss of their great quarterback and still beat handily a great Minnesota defense to get to the SB. The Pats struggled to beat the Jags and it was very unusual to see a championship game decided by a 10-1 ratio in penalty calls. I don’t see another last quarter win for New England.

  2. I’ll be watching those offensive lines. And I totally agree with you regarding half time shows. Love Neil Diamond!!
    Thanks Coach!!!

  3. Enjoy the game, Linda. And Sweet Caroline!!!

  4. Terry Parssinen

    As an Eagles’ fan, I thought that we had little chance of getting by both the Falcons and the Vikings without Wentz. Boy was I wrong. The Eagles played a nearly perfect game against the Vikes and finally made me a believer. Like Jim,I think that this team, behind Foles, is likely to beat the Pats.(I’ve been waiting a long time to write that sentence!)

    • I think the Eagles can do it. If Gronkowski is not at full speed, the Pats passing game suffers. But it is up in the trenches this game will be decided. I think that gives the win to Philadelphia, 31-24.

  5. Robert Chambers

    Hey Coach, I am torn as find it difficult to root for either team in this Super Bowl. I agree that the Eagles will need to play at least as flawless against the Patriots as they did the Vikings. Maybe more to dampen the Brady factor. If the Eagles can pressure Brady often without succumbing to the effective screen passing of the Patriots then there is a good opportunity for the Eagles to pull it off. We will know soon. I myself am waiting to see what happens with Bortles and the Jaguars as there is a lot of noise especially with the Alex Smith and Kirk Cousins situation in Washington.

  6. I like the Eagles because they are a more solid well rounded team than New England. The only way Bortles leaves Jax is in a straight up trade for Jimmy
    Garrapolo. And that ain’t gonna happen.