What I Like (And Don’t Like) About Football

I do like Chris Simms broadcasting college games. His father Phil may have been a better quarterback but the son beats him on the airwaves.

I do like Navy and Notre Dame standing together after a tough game, respecting each other’s Alma Mater.

I don’t like a fool of a person, listed as an assistant strength coordinator at Northwestern, behaving like a fool on the sideline in a t-shirt during a wet cold driving rain, jumping up and down simply to draw television camera coverage.

I don’t like some sleazy Miami supporter on the sideline hanging a gold chain around the neck of a defender who intercepted a pass as if it were some ancient Roman tribute during the Crusades.

I do like the idea of Aaron Rodgers getting back on the field to still make a difference this season.

I don’t like the idea of Jimbo Fisher saying his leaving FSU for Texas A & M was a “no- brainer” after the Seminoles groomed him to replace the legendary Bobby Bowden, leaving a great program in place for him. This season, however,  the ‘Noles had  to play a make-up game with cupcake Louisiana-Monroe just to get six wins to be bowl eligible for a game Fisher won’t even coach. That’s loyalty. (Not!) I am pleased though to see Willie Taggart taking over the coaching reins in Tallahassee.

I do like the Giants for firing the coach and general manager for their handling of the Eli Manning situation. It is some solace for Giant fans to know that management realized the chaos surrounding the team was caused by the head coach and dumped him.

I don’t like seeing Heisman winner Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma going the Johnny Manziel route in taunting opposing fans with obscene gestures. Play the game, son, play the game.

I do like the job Jimmy Garappolo did for the 49’ers in leading them to wins in his first two starts. The longtime understudy to Tom Brady deserved his day in the sun and he made the most of it. I think he’ll be a long time starter in the NFL.

I do like that Scott Frost, coach of UCF, is going back to his alma mater, Nebraska, to attempt to revive the Cornhusker program to its former greatness. At the University of Central Florida, in two years, he went from a winless team to an undefeated season. He will make the Big Ten even stronger. His welcomed calm sideline demeanor is reminiscent of former Nebraska coach Tom Osborne, a member of the college HOF.

I do like to see a hard fought, clean game played by Army and Navy, watching Army win for the second year in a row after a fourteen game Middie winning streak was ended a year earlier. They play the game the old fashioned way, without any displays of self congratulatory chest thumping. The heavy snow provided a pleasant pastiche of long ago clashes of Staubach, Blanchard and Davis, et. al. A great ending to the regular college 2017 season.

Hut One, Hut Two….

10 responses to “What I Like (And Don’t Like) About Football

  1. Well written Coach. I too am troubled by the Heisman house, committee, award, etc. I was made aware of a very meaningful award named the Burlsworth Trophy. It honors the walk-on of the year in college football. Why I didn’t know about Brandon Burlsworth and the movie based on his life, “Greater”, I have not a clue. Check them both out, they are indeed greater!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Coach Reese:

    Who but you and me among your readers would remember Blanchard and Davis of those great Army war teams? I grew up with their national presence as a kid at Palo Alto High School; was a starting half back for the PA team and played in Stanford stadium for our “big” game, and otherwise watched Frankie Albert, Pete Kemetovic, and Norm Standlee et al play.
    Did not Army play a zero-zero game with Notre Dame with Johnny Lujack as ND’s quarterback?

    Remember that Davis was, I believe, the second husband of Elizabeth Taylor?
    I can now catch enough of Giant games on the NFL channel; can’t stomach more than a few highlights.

    Who do you like for GM? Coach?

    your long lost friend,

    Jack White
    now in Malabar across the State

    • Indeed, Glenn Davis indeed married Liz
      Taylor. In 1946, Army and ND, both
      unbeaten, played to a scoreless tie at
      Yankee Stadium. Lujack made a game
      saving tackle on Blanchard. Giants a mess.
      Bill Cowher would be my choice for head
      coach. Merry Christmas, Jack.

  3. Hundred percent agreement with your likes and dislikes of the game.
    I remember Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside at Army, but forgot that they both won Heisman, Great article, Jim.

  4. Lujack always said he got too much credit for tackling Blanchard and avoiding defeat because Blanchard had intercepted his pass which set up the tackle. I once did a beer commercial in NY with Lujack. He was a sweetheart of a guy.

  5. Robert Chambers

    Hey Coach I am with you on all of your likes and dislikes. I can’t believe what a coward and quitter Jimbo Fisher turned out to be even knowing his family has their own journey. And now about those Midshipmen helmets with the Blue Angels on them. I had to love it even though I am not a huge fan of the multiple uniforms. But then I guess and maybe you can elaborate here that Joe “Willie Whiteshoes” Namath was a pioneer of this fashion statement.

  6. Namath set the standard for outrageous dress and actions. But when he made good on guaranteeing that Super Bowl win against Baltimore, I bought his act. He would stay deep in the pocket until the last second before throwing and took a beating for it. His teammates adored him. He made the AFL credible.

  7. Linda Carricato

    Good one Coach!