I am Nobody’s Demographic

To the Network Suits, I stopped being a demographic when I moved up and out of the 18-49 group thirty-four years ago. I no longer count in the ratings. But there’s a whole bunch of us who have something to say and they’d do well to listen to us.

First of all, NETFLIX, Hulu, Amazon, Acorn and PBS are cleaning your clock in original entertainment. You still have the NFL but unless you straighten out that mess, you’re liable to lose that as well.

Maybe it is time for Commissioner Roger Goodell to move on. He has done a hell of a lot to grow the business and he has indeed been blindsided by factors outside his control, but why is it taking so long to pay the nearly one-billion in concussion pay to all those old NFL vets suffering from CTE, of whom only 10% have seen any money. And believe me I am not on Cowboys blowhard owner Jerry Jones side angling for his scalp. I need both sets of fingers to count the last time Dallas made the Super Bowl.

As a viewer, I thought end zone celebrations were not allowed but they are sneaking back in with stupid man bridges being built and players leap-frogging over each other and other foursomes doing dances that would make the Nicholas Brothers jump step in their graves. And the next receiver who signals a first down should be penalized ten yards so it becomes 1st & 20.

When was the last time you saw a quarterback acting goofy celebrating a play? They know their role is to plan and perform. The skill position guys think a ten yard gain is showtime on Broadway. Get those buffoons to stop that.

Another thing, Suits, stop trying to sell something on half the screen during injury time outs and upstairs reviews. We get it. Cars need to be sold but, come on, man!

Red Zone, streaming, highlight shows, talking heads talking over each other….all those venues are taking away from Sunday and MNF.  Enough is enough.

It is the game that is important. Not all the hoopla surrounding it. There is so much to like about professional football. At 1:00 and 4:00 every Sunday afternoon for five months, it has America’s attention like no other sport.

There have been some surprises this year to be sure. The Eagles and Vikings are running away in their divisions. The Giants and Bucs tanking is a surprise as is the emergence of the Rams in Los Angeles.

Drew Brees might bring a division crown to New Orleans in the tough NFC South while the Patriots remain the Patriots now that Kansas City seems to have tanked. And Pittsburgh will likely get in with a division title.

The stretch run will be interesting with Seattle and the Titans and Jaguars scrambling for a few more wins.

My picks for the Super Bowl are the Eagles and the Patriots with the championship returning to the city of brotherly love for the first time in 57 years.

Hut One, Hut Two…

12 responses to “I am Nobody’s Demographic

  1. Pats fan that I am, I think the Steelers are in their way. I don’t usually side with Jones, but whats the rush on Goodell’s contract? He has, what 6 mo. or more on this one? And have you seen his demands? Lifetime use of private jet, lifetime health ins for his kids? To say nothing of $50mm! And if he doesn’t get it and quits, where is he going to go for a job? He has made an absolute mess of 2017 18 season, starting with handling of anthem issues, endzone celebrations (note-other than what teams have always done, Pats have not changed, per Belichek), totally ignoring concussion issue, he is an ass.

  2. The concussion issue is especially egregious to my thinking. A deal is a deal, so get on with it, NFL owners and offficials, up to and including the commissioner.

  3. When the research doctor came out with all the concussion stuff, Goodell and his team not only disagreed with him, they buried him and basically put him out of business. He is a disgraceful human being in my opinion. You want to see an all around well run league? No fan of it am I, but check out the NBA

  4. Thank you Coach for the reminder that
    It’s the game that is important. I so enjoy your insights…

  5. Glad you liked it, Linda.

  6. Barbara slloum

    So right. Just play ball!!

  7. Yes, Barbara, just play ball. Go, Saints!

  8. Terry Parssinen

    About the excessive and juvenile celebrations, Amen, brother! And, as a long-suffering Eagles fan, many thanks for your SuperBowl prediction!

  9. Jim ~
    The antics we have been subjected to that you so accurately summarize can also be attributed to a growing number of greedy opportunists, namely the player agents. Bud Grant’s famous quote, “act like you’ve been there” is time tested. I, like you am a member of the Lombardi generation. I fear he has rolled over many times in his grave over the vain and arrogant behaviors and optics displayed on the fields and courts of professional and collegiate athletics. ….. Times have changed and will continue to do so.
    G Adzick, U of M

    • Couldn’t agree more, George. I am disheartened by the “me” generation. I want to go back to the “we” generation. The problem is the “wannabes “ who get in the way. They are called agents.