Sports Galore

Recently, I could have watched college and pro basketball, caged fighting, women’s softball, MLB, three NHL games, college hockey, an insufferable number of ill informed talking heads babbling incessantly, commentary on the NFL draft, lacrosse and college baseball.

All I needed was four remotes and a set of directions that would’ve driven Albert Einstein up a learning tree.

A word or two of caution: Do not venture into this new world of entertainment alone. It is far too complicated. Have a sympathetic family member either on hand or a text away to walk you through the permutations necessary for quick connections.

A second word of caution: Have a list of every password you’ve accumulated since AOL first asked you to use one a decade ago. You’ve forgotten them. Your television set hasn’t.

In this season of slow sports, may I direct your attention to some streaming entertainment activities coming out of that same box up on that wall.

I have fallen hard for series involving detective work. I recommend a beauty named “Big Little Lies” starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Great acting in this who-killed-who-and-why adventure. Kidman steals the show.

British shows are great. Potboilers such as “Broad Church” and “Foyle’s War” are but two of many detective shows. World War II films “The Bletchley Girls” and “Home Fires” recall valiant efforts on the part of women contributing to the war effort.

Family viewers will love “Heartland,” a warm story of trials and triumphs on a Canadian ranch, and of course the incomparable “Downton Abbey,” the standard by which all series are measured for historical significance, scenery, and acting.

Whoever thought Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson could ever share a screen together while trying to solve a murder in the American South without stumbling over each other with mumbling and braggadacio? Well, they both underplay their roles to artistic success in “True Detective,” a series you’ll binge on for sure.

If you are holding off on watching “Breaking Bad,” as was I, forget it and get on board as Bryan Cranston playing Walter White playing beat-the-clock as an inventive meth pedaling high school science teacher fighting cancer. Riveting in an ingenious plot of close calls, family discord, drug use and deceit, it compares favorably to anything on television.

A side comment: Apple TV has come out with a remote that accepts verbal commands. No more will you have to play ‘click the letters’ to find a show. You simply say, for instance, “The Killing,” and your screen will display for you in a second a great Swedish mystery now in its fourth season.

So, while we all await the teeing up of the first football game of the year, chill out, as have I, and enjoy what many are calling the golden age of television.

Enjoying all this from the comfort of a lazy boy is simply frosting on the cake.

6 responses to “Sports Galore

  1. Wanna kick it up a notch, coach? Try adding social media to your repertoire while watching all those games. It’s like a juggling act. Fortunately, some of us were born for that stuff.

    On the Breaking Bad note, binge-watched it last year. Great damn show.

  2. Chris, I have a hard enough time with my flip top phone to enter into the nether world of social media.

  3. Linda Koury

    Just love this post. Now all I need is Peggy to help me figure out how to find the shows!!! I live in Gulfport MS and Peggy was kind enough to come to my house and help me with my TV operational inadequacies on one of her visits with Alison. Unfortunately, my mind is not as keen as it once was, and I am, alas, back to square one!!!!!! I look forward to your continued presence on my phone…..

  4. Peggy, would you help Linda out on your next visit to Gulfport?

  5. Great article Coach I myself am an detective buff &crime show Junkie but sadly until August we’ll have to bear the detective spots,oh well @ least we have your columns to pleasure us and keep us in the know.