A Note from Coach’s Corner

Now that football season is over, I’ll be writing Coach’s Corner less often until we tee the ball up again come late August.

First of all, thanks so much for your reading my weekly blog. It is a pleasure writing for you.

As sporting news of interest comes up over the next six months, I’ll be writing about it from time to time.

So keep an eye out still for the occasional Coach’s Corner.


Jim Reese

11 responses to “A Note from Coach’s Corner

  1. I’ll do my best to pick up the slack in your absence, sir.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Go NBA!

  3. I’m looking for a motivational speaker. Is that youngster in the picture available? He looks like a cute mover and shaker. Enjoy your time off…

  4. He gets $50 and lotsa’ pretzels!

  5. Barbara slloum

    Can’t wait for football season and what you have to say. Until then. Enjoy your time off

  6. Thanks, Barbara. Best to you and Teal.

  7. Robert A Burton

    Always enjoy reading your stuff. Say hello to Yvonne when you see her.
    Bob Burton in Eloy, AZ

  8. Thanks, Bob. I’ll say hello to Yolie for you next time I see her.

  9. Johnny Salvatore

    It’s been a pleasure reading and can’t wait ’til August! But still looking forward to some words on those other sports as well.

  10. Thanks, Johnny. I’ll keep you posted.

  11. Colleen Logan Hofmeister

    I look forward to it 😉