Alliteration Run Amuck

Steeler receiver Antonio Brown preened and primped pompously into his iPhone for 18 misguided minutes after Pittsburgh beat Kansas City to advance to the AFC championship game against those bellicose Belichick boys up Boston way.

It was in violation of league rules that Brown did what he did (live streaming from the locker room on Facebook). Moreover, it was grossly in violation of mature behavior as well. Inviting teammates to join in, they pranced prettily for the thousands of fools watching them, Brown constantly reminded us. If you are so inclined to view this travesty of overpaid narcissists acting like a cadre of clown jesters, check it out on You Tube. It will remain a dagger in the hearts of Kansas City fans forever. Down eight and ninety yards away late, quarterback Alex Smith went the distance, bringing KC within two with a score. Going for the deuce and the tie, an offensive lineman was called for holding on the successful catch. Here’s my bitch. Forever, it has been said a ref could call holding in the line on every play. This was one of those. Too close to call, don’t call it. Not with the season on the line.

Years ago, people laughed when Joe Willie Namath guaranteed that his New York Jets would beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III even though the New Yorkers were 35 point underdogs. Namath made good his boast and he has never let the world forget it.

Fast forward fifty years and when Packer receiver Jared Cook, fleeing across the field to the far sideline like a frightened fox fleeing a forest fire, fingered an Aaron Rodgers fireball but a feather off the sideline, setting up a game winning field goal. Four and six eight weeks ago, Rodgers has run the table just as he said he would and is now but a stop in Atlanta away from the Super Bowl.

In the great college championship game between Alabama and Clemson, the Tigers stabbed the Elephant in the heart when, with but :01 left, Deshaun Watsun hit Hunter Renfrow for a score. That was cutting it pretty close. But the dye had been cast much earlier. In the second half, Alabama failed to convert on third down thirteen of fifteen times so strong was the Clemson defense. No sooner had the ‘Bama defense sat down but three plays later they were back on the field again. They were pooped and ready to pop in front of the Clemson crusade deep in the fourth quarter. But had the Crimson Tide converted just one more of those third down tries, Clemson never would have ended up with the time to score with :01 left.

Which brings us to the Lane Kiffin fiasco. All season long the offensive coordinator who drove Alabama to 13-0, he ups and takes the head job at Florida Atlantic University the week before the big game. Saban says “see ya” and brings in Steve Sarkisian from Southern California to call the plays. 13 of 15 wrong calls later, goodbye title. Heavens to Bear Bryant!

13 responses to “Alliteration Run Amuck

  1. Colleen Logan Hofmeister

    Love your alliteration…it truly is a dying art. I have not heard “too pooped to pop” since my dear old Mom passed away, thanks for the smile!

  2. I join with you in mourning beloved Morney, the MVP of unrequited piano players everywhere❤️❤️

  3. Robert Chambers

    Hey Coach, I have not seen nor will I see the masterpiece from Antonio Brown. But I would like to give 4 ESPY awards this year to the biggest whiners in the NFL, namely Brady, Newton, Graham, and Beckham.
    Other than that I agree with and think Saban let emotions get the best of his decision making with regard to the untimely dismissal of Kiffin. And Rogers was absolutely surgical with the exception of one pass. Wow, that is all I can say.

    • Robert, see Paul’s Brady comment below. Care to comment?

      • Robert Chambers

        Sure Coach. The aforementioned players that would be very deserving of the said award have a tremendous amount of talent, a well spring of compensation, yet something within them at some point wells up inside them that encourages them to complain about the perceived and real injustices they experience getting to play a kids game do a living. While there are too many to number who would vow to never whine just to get the opportunity to be backup in this great sport.

  4. Saban, Kiffen, they are both difficult to like-Kiffen seems to step on it at every stop along the way, I wouldn’t think he will be at FAU very long. As to Saban, great coach, but the way he left the Dolphins is classic narcissism at its best, the nite before the am Bama job acceptance, he said he would not leave Miami….???? As to Brady whiner comment above, I know people hate the Pats, I don’t, but what quote leads to this conclusion?

    • Robert Chambers

      I guess I didn’t really respond to the inquiry. It is not one quote but instances that are strewn across the World Wide Web, his demeanor, and the perceived persona he shares with the public. I am not a Pats hater. I am someone who appreciates someone shaking another man’s hand a complementing them on their play that day. I am not a fan in the simplest of terms of these four gifted individuals.

      • Agree to disagree, I just have not seen it, I must live in the NE bubble; maybe jealousy is involved, I don’t know. As I say, I am no great fan, I just have not seen this, his teammates love him and, to me, he is no more demonstrative than the other great ones, Rodgers, Rothlisberger currently…..and he cannot possibly be worse than Peyton.

  5. Kiffen has always been like “Peck’s Bad Boy” no matter where he’s been. I don’t know why he gets so many chances to move. His father was a prince of a man. The kid, not so. Robert, you want to address Paul’s whiner’s comment re: Brady?

  6. With all due respect to your fellow responder, Mr Chambers, can we have at least one specific on Brady whining? He is on the air all the time here in New England, I have NEVER heard him whine…open to hear the quote(s). And just so you know, I am not that much of a football fan. Don;t know about the others, admittedly. PS ESPY is, to me, the whole show, a joke.

    • Robert Chambers

      Hi Paul while I do not respond to be antagonistic if you were to enter “biggest whiners in the NFL” or Brady a whiner there are many examples to choose from and he is at the top of many lists. It is not his post game or scheduled interviews that get him this designation it is his play and on field actions aiming his peers that garner him such accolades.

      As far as the ESPYs go I couldn’t agree with you more. Cheers

  7. Not to paint Kiffin as some sort of offensive genius (or genius of any sort for that matter) but I just felt the last minute transition was too much for Alabama to overcome.

    Poor form on Brown bringing his cell into the locker room. We’ll see how it affects them this weekend in New England.

  8. The locker room stuff is just that, media nonsense, the game is played on the field, and none of that, either way, makes a diff. I think it is going to be a great and close game, hope it is and hope Pats win, we shall see! As to Bama and Clemson, I simply think the better team won, as is pretty much always is the case.