Garoppolo Grappaling

You have to hand it to the New England Patriots. The team that drafted a sixth-round pick out of Michigan who got them to six Super Bowls, winning four, who now is on an NFL four-game fondling football timeout, found somewhere along the way another quarterback to steer the Boston Bully Boys. Jimmy Garoppolo came off the bench and onto the field Sunday, managing the Brady Bunch to a 23-21 Patriot win against Arizona, on the road. Miami, Houston and Buffalo lie ahead for Jimmy before Brady returns as the reliever to replace the starter who then becomes the reliever, once again. It must be nice to be Bill Belichick, although you’d never think so looking at that sour visage every Sunday.

Russell Wilson, he’s our man….

Russell Wilson saved the Seahawks from an embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins when he threw a two-yard pass for a touchdown to Doug Baldwin to win, 12-10, with 31 seconds left. The former Wisconsin Badger notched his 19th fourth quarter or overtime career comeback win, aided by a gutsy fourth and four crossing route completion for 24 yards and a first down on that final drive. Wilson manages to stay below the national radar up there in the great Northwest while progressing towards a Brees-like career. He also prolonged a whole bunch of Knockout Office Pool play by preventing a major upset.

The CBS Network debuts…..

The (CBS Network) had a huge day in Dallas. Cruz, Beckham and Shepard (CBS) each caught a touchdown pass from director of broadcasting Eli Manning in giving the Giants a much needed opening day victory, their first over Dallas in nine attempts since 1965. You’ll recall the Mara-men lost five games last year after being ahead deep into the final quarter. Romo-less, the Cowboys weren’t the same. They have a kicker in Dan Bailey, though, who pretty much guarantees three points once the Cowboys cross mid-field, making him a huge asset in Fantasy Football Leagues. Speaking of which, the (CBS) Network should play flag football until the Giants offensive line starts opening holes for Rashad Jennings and Shane Vereen, Ben Vereen’s first cousin, once removed.

Famous Jameis, perhaps….

The Bucs beat the Falcons, going up big early and then holding off Atlanta late. It was a big divisional win with a truer test coming this week on the road against Arizona. Bereft of last season’s league leading penalties crown, the Bucs looked greatly improved on both sides of the ball. Jameis Winston, with pin-point passing, long and short, error free but for one interception early, and four touchdown passes, looked terrific, the antithesis of last year’s error prone signal caller. If he has become the real deal, with all three other divisional foes having lost in the first week, the Bucs can get a huge jump on things by beating the Cardinals in the desert this week. Despite losing to New England, Arizona is still a serious NFC contender.

Hut one, hut two…

4 responses to “Garoppolo Grappaling

  1. Robert Chambers

    Hey Coach thank you for HD 4K Ultra Curved color commentary on this past weeks NFL tussles.

  2. You are welcome, Robert. Thanks for your interest.

  3. I’m one of those guys who had Seattle in one of my eliminator pools. Talking about living on the edge, I had Kansas City in the other.

    And how about Jameis Winston, selected NFC Offensive Player of the Week. Let’s see what he does on the road against that ‘Zona team.

  4. Nice start for Bucs. Huge win against the Cards if they can pull it off.