Dear Readers,

With football season now behind us, we won’t be writing as often as we did during the autumnal season. It’s rather disheartening to think we have six long months ahead before the pigskins get teed up once more.

There will, however, be plenty of other sports action we’ll watch and comment on.

March Madness begins soon, followed by the NBA finish and playoffs. Baseball has already seen pitchers and catchers reporting and spring practice starts next week.

The US Golf Open and the Triple Crown of racing are spring activities worth watching. And of course, Wimbledon in July and the French Open in May are must sees for tennis fans.

We won’t be doing it on the scheduled weekly basis we’ve employed for the past few years so watch for Coach’s Corner in your e-mail.

Come Labor Day, we’ll begin anew with our Wednesday 7 pm writings. Should any interesting news evolve re: football, we’ll cover that like Richard Sherman covering Odell Beckham, Jr. The NFL draft in April will surely draw our interest.

Thanks for your past interest in Coach’s Corner. We’ve enjoyed very much bringing it to you.


14 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Thanks, “Coach”! Great stuff, yours, Cousin Frank in Atlanta

  2. Good to hear from you, Frank.
    Anything happening on the
    Silver Screen of late?

  3. Don’t go away for long, Coach. Remember, these days there is no off-season in the NFL.

    And I trust the rest of your readers know where to go if they want some scintillating conversation while you’re gone.

  4. Thanks Jim. I hope you find a loose schedule to your liking…

  5. Thanks Jim, I really enjoyed reading your articles.
    I look forward to them and sharing them with my friends you are the best.

  6. Jock, are you aware of Pickel Ball. I think it started on west coast about 10 years ago. Rapidly growing senior sport, that can be great workout. Stay well, best to Peg ,cousin Jack

  7. Barbara salloum

    Take a hiatus. Enjoy. Just remember to come back. We will miss you for those few weeks

  8. Colleen Logan Hofmeister

    Love you, Coach! 😉 You know I’m always up for a trip to the track!