More Football Factoids

The NFL moved the spot for extra points back a bit because it had become almost automatic. Last year it was 99.8% league wide when a grand total of only eight PAT’s were missed. At beginning of play this past Sunday, barely past the halfway mark, that number of missed kicks had ballooned to 31. The hoped for result was achieved.

Sad. This season, Peyton Manning has thrown nearly twice as many interceptions as touchdown passes, 17 to 9. The irony? He was removed from Sunday’s game for ineffectiveness on the same day he broke Brett Favre’s NFL career passing record. Brother Eli has thrown for only six interceptions with his 21 touchdown passes. Wasn’t too long ago the brothers Manning might throw for a combined eight touchdown passes and over seven-hundred yards on any given Sunday. The Broncos are still 7-2 while the Giants are 5-5.

The Big 12 Picture: Oklahoma State and Oklahoma play Baylor and TCU, respectively, this Saturday. If Baylor and TCU win, there will be no Big 12 team in the College Football Playoff. If that doesn’t happen, the following week’s game between the two Oklahoma’s will shake up the final four picture. Regardless, the Big 12, once again, will not have played a conference title game, the only Power V conference not to do so.

Government action pending in many states regarding weekly fantasy football legality has led to fewer of those in-your-face commercials on game day television. Hooray!

The New England Polish Patriots are undefeated and their kicker, Stephen Gostkowski, has not missed a single field goal attempt or extra point all season, his latest effort a fifty-four-yard field goal at the gun to beat the Giants. Regardless of who makes the most bucks on that team, he should be the first guy in line to get paid every week. Right behind him should be ace receiver Rob Gronkowski.


Schools like Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Notre Dame load up on dozens of four and five star recruits out of high school, then move many of them to the NFL after careers of 90% win seasons in college. Good system. Big Ten Iowa, on the other hand, is 10-0 with a grand total of eight such recruits on their present roster. It is much easier to coach outstanding talent. Last year, Minnesota beat Iowa (7-6), 51-13. Last week, the Hawkeyes beat the Gophers, also competitive with a paucity of all-stars, 40-35. Put those teams in the more well-coached column.

A few years ago, a couple of college kids, after viewing hundreds of thousands of pitches in Major League Baseball film archives, found that only one in seven strikes called was incorrect. I would have thought it would be higher. I could live with that number. We obviously don’t need a video replay of every pitch thrown. I think reviewing every scoring play in football is unnecessary as well and takes some of the enjoyment out of the game. Watching players standing around watching the replays while waiting for a final decision is good theatre but not good football. Coach’s Corner says scoring plays should be reviewed by coaching challenge only.

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  1. Thanks as always, I truly enjoy and appreciate you mail…Ras’

  2. Thanks, Bob. Best to Gayle👍🏈

  3. Robert Chambers

    Hey Coach thank you for the football factoids. I am hearing from many fans that the tv timeouts are affecting the enjoyment and experience of attending a live football game especially in the NFL.

  4. They are right, Robert, especially when a team opens a game with a long time consuming scoring drive and the networks have to work in their already sold commercial time.

  5. K.R. Lombardia

    I’ve always thought Kirk Ferentz was a great coach. Jerry Kill, too. Sorry to see him retire.

  6. Iowa just might take the Big Ten title
    and get into the Final Four. It will be
    well earned.